Who We Are

The people at St. Paul are everyday people who live and work throughout Southern California. 

We have a common bond in our Christian

faith rooted in Jesus Christ. 

We live and understand the Christian faith

from a progressive Lutheran Christian perspective. 

This faith community is a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the largest Lutheran group in the United States. 

Of Lutheran Christian church bodies, 

we are quite “mainline.” 

By this we mean that as a people we have the greatest diversity of opinion within the Lutheran denominations on a variety of religious and social issues. 

People are encouraged to study, 

pray and discern the scriptures (Bible) 

and discuss these issues with other Christians

as one develops conclusions. 

God’s Holy Spirit is active throughout all conversation

and discernment. 

This means we are diverse in our thinking and

we welcome diversity

in this community on matters of faith. 

We are not a community with rote answers and

we will never ask that you check your brain at the door! 

We understand faith to be active and not static. 

All of who we are and what we do is by the sheer grace of a loving and living God. 

Ministry for this community began in the mid-1960’s and has been active for over 50 years. Through the years this community has been blessed with the presence of many people and pastoral leaders who proclaim

Jesus Christ as Lord! 

Our Mission Statement speaks to the root of our identity and how God has called us

to action in the community and the world: 

Striving to mirror Christ in word and action

by reaching out to serve others.